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Eton’s own archives date back to the foundation of the College in 1440, but the records of some of the estates that formed the endowment go back to the eleventh century. Until the middle of the nineteenth century most of the records refer to the administration of the College property rather than to the school and the boys.

There is a complete list of King’s Scholars from 1660 but entry books signed by all boys, and a regular printed school list, only start in 1791. The registers of Etonians available here were compiled by various editors using many non-Etonian sources as well as the archives for the period before 1791, but until this date if a name does not appear it may simply be that no record survives. The volumes before 1791 are alphabetical. After 1791, the compilers took the school list for every third year and printed it in order, adding information on dates of attendance, house, tutor and if possible subsequent career, with an index at the end of the volume. A boy here for more than three years will appear more than once but the additional information will appear only at his last entry. There is a key to the initials of the masters at the front of each volume.

The Eton College Chronicle was edited by boys. Etoniana is a periodical on Eton history, which includes articles and transcripts of Eton archives and of records elsewhere relating to Eton.

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